Progressive multifocal lens

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    There are multiple focal points on a lens. The curvature of the front surface of the lens increases continuously from top to bottom, and the refractive power increases gradually and continuously from the distant area at the upper part of the lens until the near-end area at the bottom of the lens reaches the required near-end Diopter, a pair of glasses can clearly see the distance, can see the near, and can also see the middle distance objects. The progressive lens is described as a "zoomable lens". After wearing, a pair of glasses is equivalent to using multiple pairs of glasses. For example, reading and writing lenses suitable for students (to meet the visual needs of reading blackboards, reading books, doing homework, etc.), anti-fatigue lenses suitable for white-collar workers (suitable for switching between far, middle, and near vision, and easy to work), and suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. Wei Shi progressive lens (free customizable curved surface, switch between far, middle and close distance, no dizziness or brain expansion).
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